To Be

To be anything, one must first do.  To be a game designer, a product designer, a consultant, one must be known to have created something in that field.  Your first attempts wont be great.  Sorry.  However, it is in those first attempts that you begin to feel the passion for what you are trying to do, and find the drive to complete something that is bigger than yourself, to recognize your role on a team, or even create something that never has existed in the first place!  We at Tethra love your ideas, love your passion, and want to help you succeed and finish your journey.  Nothing is sadder than a box full of dreams, a file of “what if’s”, or a bedside table full of potential.   Lets get going on your next favorite idea.  If it is a digital concept, then consider us an ally, a partner, and that missing piece to your success.  Have a great weekend!

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